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A New Bus For London Competition

November 14, 2008

Having entered into the competition with our unique bus, we are eagerly awaiting any form of news relating to the competition which was due to be announced at the end of October or begining of November.

annoucement of the winners will be posted at the website link below.

Transport for London Website

4 Responses to “A New Bus For London Competition”

  1. Vishal Rao Says:


    Great idea. Well done!


  2. craig ramshaw Says:

    amazing idea,if this doesnt win i would be shocked,
    this should be realised and done now,why wast time.

  3. J.Sterling Says:

    Attractive design but will the driver double up as a delivery man?

  4. Dave Says:

    Excellent idea but needs more thought as to the logistical facilities that London Transport would need to add. Also significant additional staff with specialist ability in the short range small-load delivery business. Also, I can see problems in trying to combine freight deliveries with scheduled passenger services but the potential for using the vehicle at nights and other ’slack’ passenger periods has to be worth a great deal.

    In short I think it is a really sound idea with huge potential - and that is not counting the environmental advantages also incorporated