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Website launched

November 4, 2008

Website Launched!

5 Responses to “Website launched”

  1. Sophie Says:

    Wow - this will change the way we travel and receive our mail forever.
    Bringing pollution levels right down in the UK largest city’s - Fantastic!! Cant wait to see it in the street!

  2. ruoch Says:

    good concept excellent work work on reduction on pollution and congestion but how will it tackle insecurity like terrorism? i am sugessting it woiuld have been fitted with bomb detectors and armoury incase of a bomb attack

  3. Owain Says:

    Great concept… I’m intriugued as to how well it would work - it does sound like a rather communist idea (not that all communist ideas are bad) which people in the UK wouldn’t neccessarily like. (i.e. passengers and freight in the same vehicle..).

    As far as ruoch’s comment is concerned - is terrorism anything to really worry about in the UK? No. I don’t think it is. The moment you start worrying about terror proofing your public transport is the moment you let the terrorists win. Last I checked, we don’t want them to win.

    Adding armour to the deisgn would make it ridulously heavy thus negating the whole eco friendlyness of the machine, because it would need extra fuel/power to move/run the extra ‘bomb detectors’ etc.

  4. Alexis From Australia Says:

    Well this is interesting! Im from Australia but have in previous years lived in London.
    First of all I think the design is a forward thinking yet complimentary version of a historical and nostalgic classic form of transport, some people may know as the blood of london!
    “The Hub” is also in good keeping with the tradition to the london bus and its concept I think will serve the city well, practically and economically in addition to the freight bus.
    And well London would be foolish not to take on the new concept, australian public transport is non existant, and has almost one vehicle to every person,not to mention the deaths due to drink driving accidents!
    Doesnt the London tube stop at midnight?

  5. Mal Perry Says:

    Interesting concept. Buses in rural areas of Scotland have been multi-tasking for years. When I worked in Cambridgeshire we experimented with electric mobile libraries but the weight to power distribution was indequate.
    I wonder if this problem has been solved? I now work as an English teacher in China where the bus service is cheap and plentiful but always overcrowded. However they are considering their energy requirements and pollution so maybe this is a potential market or joint-venture?